Parking/Start Lines

Parking at the Port of Skagit

Some years depending upon the number of runners, parking can be a challenge.  Parking at the warehouse can only hold so many cars and will fill up first as runners arrive for bib pickup.  Once filled, cars will be directed to other parking areas in the Port.  Eventually some of you will be required to park along the road on Westar Road and walk a short distance to the warehouse.  When parking is full at the warehouse, our volunteers will direct you to the next available parking area.  If coming up Peterson, they will point you in the right direction.  If traveling up Higgins Airport Way, they will be sending you up to take a right on Peterson to available parking.  As with any race, please be aware of runners crossing the road from their parking to get to the warehouse.  You may have to park some distance away and walk to the warehouse depending upon the size of the race.   At NO TIME are you to park along the side of the road on Higgins Airport Way.

Parking Areas at the Port of Skagit for the Tulip Run
Starting Lines for both races:  Stage off Higgins Airport Way until Deputy secures the road!